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Dr. Who and the Daleks

Dr Who and the Daleks (1965),

with Peter Cushing, Jenny Linden and Roy Castle, directed by Gordon Flemyng. A terrific film adaptation of the classic TV series.

Did you used to hide behind the settee when the Daleks came on??
Come and wallow in some nostalgia!
The Daleks! On the big screen!! In colour!!!
So close you can feel their fire…
Imagine how excited those first generation Doctor Who fans must have been…The Daleks – loads of them, not just the four props wheeled out on TV by the BBC – were coming to the big screen at the height of their popularity, so it’s no real surprise that Dr. Who and the Daleks became one of the ten top-grossing movies in the UK in 1965…William Hartnell was the irascible, curmudgeonly Doctor in the TV series at the time, but, for the big screen, Hammer horror favourite Peter Cushing was roped in to play an entirely different character. Cushing’s Dr. Who (that’s his name) is a doddery, fussy old British scientist who has housed a Time and Space machine inside an old Police Box (the interior looks like an explosion in an electrical supply shop) and together with his granddaughters Susan (Tovey) and Barbara (Linden) and the latter’s clumsy boyfriend Ian (Castle) he travels to a blasted, barren alien planet inhabited by the warlike Daleks in their gleaming futuristic city and the immaculately-coiffed Thals who are battling to survive in an irradiated landscape…Remarkably, the film still holds up well nearly fifty years later; this new Blu-ray transfer is the crispest the movie has looked since it appeared on cinema screens, and whilst more recent converts to the world of the Doctor and the Daleks might be baffled or bored witless by its childlike naivety, Dr. Who and the Daleks remains a charming and ambitious period piece and stands as another reminder of the huge impact Doctor Who made on British popular culture the moment it arrived on TV screens.
Review: Paul Mount
To be screened on Saturday morning 29th September at 9.30am.
Landmark Centre, Deal.